Friday, January 30, 2009

Boulders baby!

My sister, Brandy, complains that I do not blog enough. Of course she doesn't have 2 children small enough to still need their butts whipped from time to time and boogers removed from their noses. I will blog when I have the time, like now at work since we are beyond slow.

This past Sunday, we had my daughters ears pierced while we were out browsing for a new car. She did great! I honestly thought she would throw a fit and refuse to have the 2ND one done... she has the quite the attitude for only being a couple days shy of 9 months, but she did awesome and she is even more cuter [is that a word?] than ever, which I never thought was possible. Her daddy says she doesn't have rocks in her ears, that she has boulders! They kinda do look big on her in person, but in pictures they look nice and small.

See for yourself:

Speaking of how cute she is... we were at my dad's house on Thursday and my son, who is 5, was telling my sister Brandy, that he used to be cute when he was a little baby... but *dramatic pause* he got weird. Seriously funny stuff! Ask Brandy about him wanting a soda from Sonic. LOL! Kids really do say the darnedest things. He is 5 going on 18 and knows it all. He has the best memory to be so young too. He likes those memory card games and can give me directions to someones house we have been to. Remembers things from when he was younger than 2 and things he hears. It is amazing.

The school sent me a letter home saying they are concerned about him being over weight. He is 48 lbs and around 4 ft tall. You can seriously see his ribcage, so how they have him as being over weight I have no idea. He is super tall for his age and his weight is distributed like it should be. But, if they were to see my beefy girl... they would say she was headed for obesity. She is almost 9 months, 19.5 lbs, and 29 inches long. Big girl!

One last thing, before I forget. That lovely sister of mine was participating in Theme Week with a few of her bloggy buddies. She used me for her What The __ ? Wednesday. She thought she was funny... but now it's her turn [:

More to come...


Brandy said...

LMAO! You are too much! And I WILL be linking to this next week...

Brandy said...

OMG! Two weeks...really?

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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