Tuesday, January 20, 2009

.3gp Format

.3GP... 3rd generation platform/phone. That is the format of most videos from cellular phones. I have a Razor v3m and was not able to play videos with sound for the longest time. I tried converting and different players, yet it never occurred to me to try QuickTime. Well, for whatever reason I had downloaded it a couple months back, just transferred a video from my phone in hopes of having it play because I didn't need the sound this time and the default player is, QuickTime. So surprised!

The video I wanted to show was of the snow, because I oh so love it! I really do not want to drive in the morning after the incident I had today. I need to move some where that does not have snowy days.

This is what I see on the security camera at work, about 20 minutes ago.

And because I figured out how to play these videos now and Blogger allows .3GP uploads, here are couple other videos off of my cell.

Those were taken on May 25, 2008. We were at the club and these 2 guys were glow sticking. Awesome stuff!