Monday, January 19, 2009


As the previous post stated, I do not like the snow at all.

This is why...

That's my car, on 3 wheels over an embankment on the side of the river. Five feet in front of me on the left is my street. I was braking to turn left, I slid and that was the end result. I panicked called the police. They arrived and helped me out of the car. Fire Department showed up to direct traffic and a wrecker was called.

Now, remember 5 feet in front of me is my street. I am literally a minute from my home. The wrecker, pulled my car out and the man told me in order to get my car back, I would need to provide $145. If I did not have it then, which I did not, then he was taking my vehicle to his shop and I could pick it up there. So, not only did I end up walking up the hill home, I had to find a way to get my car.

I got it out. Thanks to my sister and her husband. The wrecker company employees were rude. When my brother in law was trying to figure out how much it was, they basically were beating around the bush stating that it was a contract they have with the police department for a flat rate fee. Highway robbery!

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Brandy said...

They are legal thiefs and I *know* they are giving a kickback to the city in some fashion.