Monday, January 19, 2009

Night Shift

I have a couple more hours of work.

It is 4 am, and needless to say I am getting drowsy. We had a bit of a busy day. Attended my children's cousins birthday party. She turned 7... kids running wild. We went and picked up the dryer vent thingamajiger. I honestly can not remember what it is called. Went out to eat by request of DJ. He wanted noodles and trees... which is Chinese noodles and broccoli. Plus, I needed to eat something before I came into work.

I work the graveyard shift so Josh is able to work during the day and one of us is always at home with the kids. I wouldn't say I hate working, but I do hate being away from my children. At least this way they are not with some stranger or in a facility. Although, day care center may be an option later on once my classes start.

The days I work 3rd shift consists of exactly this. I spend the majority of the time on my laptop doing whatever. A person can only do so much online. I watch movies, I read blogs, I edit photographs... but I am burned out. I am bored. I even went outside and walked around in the snow for a little bit.

Speaking of snow... this is our first snow of the year. There is a light dusting on the ground, and it has been consistently flurrying since I came into work at 11. I dread driving home in it. I wrecked my first car into a couple of guard rails due to snow covered roads... I'm still a little traumatized.

My son will be happy to wake up and see the snow. He thinks snow and thinks of Santa Clause. He once said "I wish it was Christmas every day!" And when I told him that Santa and his elves need to work on making new toys, he proceeded to tell me that Wal-Mart had toys. Such a character!

Well, I smell the coffee brewing. I normally don't drink it, but tonight is an exception. My grandmother used to put the stuff in my bottle... now I have to force myself to swallow it.


Brandy said...

Try drinking it without sugar. That's what your fat ass sista is doing. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I found you on blog catalog. I thought that I would have a hard time finding other blog on Blogger but I really happy I did. I can relate to your post: working midnights, wishing you had more time with the family also having a blog that is therapeutic. I started a blog about six months ago but I am having a hard time getting comments and traffic. So I'm trying a new approach, but reading this makes me think that a journal, blog might still be a good idea.